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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Ajax Wireless Alarm Systems are multi award winning, best in class wireless alarms. Designed with both elegance and the highest grade security in mind.


Wireless alarm systems have the obvious advantage of being substantially easier to install than a wired system, they also have the advantage of not requiring mains electricity to function, at least in the case of the Ajax system.


Ajax Kits are Grade 2 rated which is the highest security grade a wireless alarm system can achieve. The anti-tamper systems built into the devices and the options for both direct ethernet connection or fully wireless set ups mean that the system would have to have its signal blocked and the ethernet cut at the exact same time not to trigger the alarm.


Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, an alarm system that doesn’t require wires. The Ajax System that we sell is modular and easy to install. The Ajax System alarms allow you to specify where each trigger is, meaning you can know exactly where any intrusion signal is coming from. Not all wireless alarms are created equal however, not all WIFI alarms will have anti tamper devices built in, meaning that should signal blockers be used then the alarms can be bypassed. Ajax alarms will trigger if they’re moved or if any signal is disturbed. Due to the ease of install wireless burglar alarms are rapidly becoming the preferred option for home installs.


30-Minute Setup Time: With no wires to contend with, we’re confident you can set up one of our Ajax wireless alarm kits within 30 minutes, no matter your level of experience.

All-in-One Alarm Kit: Everything you need to secure your home against intrusion is included in one kit. Depending on the kit you choose, that could include sensors, alarms, control hub, keypad, control fob, and motion cams.

Motion Detection Alarms: All our kits come with some kind of PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection device. These identify movement in the area and will trigger the alarm when activated. Unlike old motion detection devices, the ones

included in our Ajax wireless alarm kits will not be triggered by pets. These sophisticated motion detectors can distinguish between humans and animals, ensuring no more false alarms.

Door Detection Sensors: Many of our kits include DoorProtect sensors that are installed on the door frame. These subtle sensors will alert you when a door is opened while the alarm system is activated. They are easy to install, taking just a couple of minutes of your time. DoorProtect can be used to monitor doors and windows and has won multiple awards.

Long Battery Life: All the sensors in the Ajax alarm system have a seven-year battery life. Once these detectors are installed you will not have to think about them again for a long time.

Internal and External Sirens: Our Ajax alarm system kits come with internal and external alarms. The HomeSiren can be placed inside the house to alter you to intrusion and scare intruders. The StreetSiren should be installed on the outside of
the house to alert passersby and deter intruders from proceeding inside your property. Both alarms have a five-year battery life, customisable alarm sounds, and customisable sound levels.

Hub 2 Control Centre: Our Ajax wireless alarm kits now come with Hub 2, the new
and improved device manager from Ajax. Hub 2 monitors and manages all the devices in your alarm system, including motion detectors, door detectors, and motion cams, and keeps track of what is going on at all times. Hub 2 will notify you if a door has been opened or if a window was broken, it will also alert you to fire and flooding. If connected to an alarm response company, Hub 2 will send a notification when an intruder is detected. Hub 2 will continue to protect your home even during a blackout, using its 16-hour backup battery.

Manage Remotely: Thanks to Hub 2’s mobile integration, you can now manage your home security system remotely using the Ajax alarm app. All the notifications sent from Hub 2 will go directly to your phone or another mobile device. This includes pictures taken by the motion cam and alerts from door detectors.


Here at CCTVdirect, our Ajax alarm systems come with a two-year warranty. You can rest assured that your home will be protected with a quality assured alarm and that it will be quickly replaced should any fault occur. What’s more, should you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly team of technical experts are ready to assist you every step of the way.

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