IK10 Anti Vandal CCTV Cameras

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Our range of anti vandal CCTV cameras are all IK10 rated meaning that they can take 20 joules of impact, which is the equivalent to a 5Kg weight being dropped on the camera from 40cm. 

What are Anti Vandal CCTV Cameras? 

An anti Vandal CCTV camera is one that is designed to continue working even after taking impact. The ratings of these types of cameras range from those which can take quite substantial impact such as IK10 mentioned above which is seen as the gold standard of IK ratings, through to cameras that are tested to take only very minor impacts. 

IK10 PTZ Cameras

Our UNV IK10 PTZ CCTV Cameras are prefect for manned CCTV systems where there's a high risk of camera damage, the robust metal housing offers top tier protection from any attacks made on your PTZ. 

IK10 Dome Cameras

Our range of IK10 Dome Cameras offers the very best in antivandal protection, for projects which require the utmost in security or in areas where vandals are a concern we've got you covered. UNV's range offers fantastic quality at a cost effective price point. 


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