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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

Our Uniview XVR video recorders have a Coaxial BNC connection and work with all major formats of analogue HD Cameras HD-TVI, Hikvisions Turbo HD, Dahua's HD-CVI and AHD along with traditional legacy analogue CVBS CCTV Cameras. These replace our previous line of Cobra Video Recorders.

Compatible with UNV IP Cameras using a PoE Switch these UNV XVR offer complete versatility to mix and match a combination of analogue HD and IP cameras.

Our range of high-quality commercial grade Digital Video Recorders are also compatible with HD Coaxial PTZ control and traditional RS485 making them the perfext replacement for a legacy recorder. Ranging from 4 channel to 16 Channel, upto 5MP recording resolution these multifunctional DVR’s are the perfect choice for your next CCTV installation.

What Is A Coaxial DVR

Coaxial CCTV setups were the norm several years ago before IP cameras became common place, and these setups require DVRs (or XVRs) rather than NVR's that are used for IP CCTV Cameras. The DVR is where your footage is stored, the technology has come a long way, all of our XVRs are compatible with Toshiba's CCTV Harddrives, meaning you can easily store days to weeks of footage with no difficulties at all. 

Why Uniview XVRs

Why do we choose Uniview? Quite simple, they're second to none when it comes to overall performance, reliability and longevity. Our 4, 8 and 16 channel options cover most coaxial DVR applications.

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