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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
Hanwha Techwin - 4MP IR Vandal Dome - QNV-7012R
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Dome - XND-8080R
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Flateye - QNE-8011R
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP H.265 IR Dome Camera - XND-8020R
Hanwha Techwin - 2MP HD+ PTZ - HCP-6230H
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Bullet camera - XNO-8020R
Hanwha Techwin - 12 MP fisheye camera - QNF-9010
Hanwha Techwin - 6 MP Fisheye - QNF-8010
Hanwha Techwin - 5 MP Network IR Dome Camera - QNV-8080R
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Vandal Dome - QNV-8010R
Hanwha Techwin - 2MP PTZ - QNP-6230RH
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Internal Dome - QND-8080R
Hanwha Techwin 5MP - Internal Dome - QND-8010R
Hanwha Techwin - 4MP Internal Dome - QND-7012R
Hanwha Techwin - 5MP Bullet Camera - QNO-8010R

CCTV Solutions by Hanwha Techwin, formerly Samsung Techwin, offer robust and reliable CCTV video surveillance products designed to meet the current and future needs of all security professionals. Hanwha Techwin often referred to as Samsung CCTV as this is what it was called before been rebranded Hanwha offering industry leading CCTV solutions across the world. Samsung Techwin changed its name on all cctv cameras in 2017 to Hanwah.

Hanwha’s, CCTV video recorders and other IP network devices are built to exacting standards which reflect the heritage of precision engineering associated with the Samsung brand. Is Hahwha Samsung CCTV any good we are often asked at CCTVdirect, considering its history and build quality we can verify this is a CCTV solution for those interested in installing a robust tried and tested solution that wont let you down.

Hanwha is ranked as the 8th largest corporation in South Korea based on asset size, and is a Fortune 500 company. Therefore with its 25 years of technological CCTV knowledge and expertise in optical and digital image processing, Hanwha Techwin is leading the CCTV and video surveillance market.

Hanwha Techwin Europe was one of the first to recognise the value of providing users with the option to run CCTV software solutions such as video analytics at the edge i.e. within the CCTV camera.

Offering “Best in Class” products is only part of the process of delivering a complete video surveillance solution; every one of Hanwha Techwin Europe’s products, many of which have been highly rated in independent CCTV product tests, is backed-up by unbeatable pre and post-sales support. Hanwha Techwin CCTV offer a full three-year warranty on all their CCTV cameras, Ip solutions and Network Video Recorders.

One of the leading sub brands in the range is known as WISENET.

Wisenet cctv offers leading AI cameras that detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates and more in real-time.

With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 4K, the Hanwha or Samsung wisenet cctv cameras offer deep-learning algorithms that can reliably identify multiple distinct objects.

CCTV Analytics become a reliable second pair of eyes as these cameras can process real data to determine the difference between a genuine intrusion and a false alarm. This also makes post event searching far easier with Wisenet products, looking for CCTV footage is much easier using artificial intelligence.  

Hanwha techwin also offer VMS video solutions under the wisenet badge these offer end to end software solutions that allow you to seamlessly join together your systems if they are in the same building or different parts of the world.  So if your looking for a global trusted and approved brand that is secure look no further that the CCTV range from Hanwah. The latest Wisenet X series of CCTV cameras offers a cost-effective solution with industry leading technology.

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