2.8mm V 4mm Lens CCTV Cameras


Offers a wider field of view, and is typically the broadest field of view for most standard CCTV Cameras.


Offers a much narrower field of view, but a much longer range.

What is the difference between the 2.8mm & 4mm 5MP cameras?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, what is the difference between the 2.8mm & 4mm 5MP cameras?

In the security world, a camera lens is what will determine the field of coverage and zoom level that your camera will provide. In tech terms, it's called Field of View (FOV).

Larger lenses such as our 5MP 4mm Turret Camera with built-in Microphone offers a more narrow and zoomed FOV. In general, the higher the number, the closer the subject will appear. So if you want to monitor (for example) a doorway or a building entrance, a larger lens is perfect for the job. If you're looking for a live comparison, we've made a handy video to show the differences in real time.
If your desired focal point is something less specific like a warehouse, a smaller lens such as our Uniview 5MP 2.8mm Turret Camera with built-in Microphone might be more appropriate for your installation.

In general a 5MP 2.8mm lens will offer you around 105° field of view and a 5MP 4mm lens will offer you an 87° field of view.

It's a common misunderstanding that the smaller the lens, the less detail you'll caputre but this is definitely not the case. The size of the lens purely correlates to the amount the camera caputres in the FOV.

The above images show you what image you'll get from a 5MP 2.8mm and a 5MP 4mm lens.

2.8mm CCTV Cameras

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4mm CCTV Cameras

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• Covers a large area very well

• Good all round use

• Longer Range Focus





In conclusion there's a notable difference between the two cameras, if you need to see further away the 5mm is the camera for you, or potentially an even larger lens. Whereas, if you want to cover a wide FOV then 2.8mm makes the most sense.