The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor features the maximum possible protection for outdoor detectors. With its intelligent protection against false alarms, the Wireless External PIR Detector can detect movement at a distance up to 3-15m whilst ignoring pets of a height up to 80cm & operate up to 5 years without needing to replace the battery. The MotionProtect Outdoor from Ajax Systems, the most awarded wireless security system in Europe, is an External PIR Detector with intelligent protection against false alarms. The device can operate at low temperature and is fully protected against dust and splashes. By being able to detect movement at a distance up to 3-15m and the ability to ignore pets with a height of up to 80cm, this is the next level protection your property needs.

3M - 15M Detection Range
Detects Painting of The Device

Built-In Tampering Alarm
Ignores Pets Up To 80cm
Up to 5 Year Battery Life
Easy & Quick Set Up


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