Uniview IP CCTV Solutions

Uniview's (UNV) game changing IP security solutions will change the way you look at CCTV. From Turrets, to Bullets, to PTZ's, there is something for every CCTV installation in this range. The 4-128 channel Network Video Recorders offer a reliable recording solution and are all ONVIF compatible. Each IP Camera in the Uniview range is Plug & Play with each other.

Uniview IP Cameras


Univiews IP cameras are amongst the best in the market, one of the fastest growing manufacturers with a wide range of options, offering everything from industry leading PTZ cameras through to classic bullet and turret cameras. 

What is an IP Camera? 

An IP camera is a type of CCTV camera which can be accessed remotely via an IP protocol. It is a digital camera which transmits and recieves data over a network or over the internet. These cameras are often PoE cameras, that means that they can be powered over ethernet cables. 

Why should I choose an IP Camera? 

IP Cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world, are not limited by rooted coaxial systems and in some cases they're not even limited by the need for electricity. They're far more versitile than their traditional analogue counterparts. 

Things to remember when setting up an IP CCTV System

1. It is important to remember that in the UK, if you're setting up any CCTV system that will film any public space, you need to display CCTV Warning signs prominantly to make sure that people being filmed are aware. 

2. It's essential that you make sure the camera is suitable for the job, IK Ratings will let you know what weather conditions the IP Camera is designed to withstand.

3. Wireless v Wired, Wireless cameras can be jammed as the WiFi itself can be. If you have higher grade items which could attract criminals with specialised equipment, then wired ethernet CCTV cameras will be essential. 

4. IP Camera safety is important, as such you'll want to make sure that you not only use a stong password, but also make sure that the cameras security settings are enabled. Occasionally your camera will also require updates. Any security proffressional should properly set up the new camera and make sure that the camera stays up to date and secure.