VueNet Transmission 2 Port PoE Extender

VueNet Transmission 2 Port PoE Extender

VueNet's 2 Port PoE Extender is the perfect product for thsoe installations needing an additional camera without recabling. Simply plug in your Ethernet cable in the 1 x PoE input port and add your IP cameras in to the 2 x PoE output ports.
  • Advanced Network Cable Drive Technology
  • 1 x PoE Input, 2 x PoE Output
  • No PoE Supply Required
  • Compatible with End-Span & Mid-Span
  • Circuit Isolation Protection
  • Plug & Play - No Setting Up Required
  • Easy Installation Possibilities
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VueNet's 2 Port Ethernet Reapeater uses advanced network cable drive & power supply technology to extend 100m Ethernet signal to 200m. This is the perfect solution for those problem sites where you need to add another camera but might not have the cable capabilties.

All you need to do is simply add this 2 Port Ethernet Repeater consisting of 1 x PoE input & 2 x PoE output ports and add your additional camera.

With excellent circuit isolation protection the Repeater effectively improves lightning protection, anti-ESD & anti-interface ability.

The 2 Port PoE Repeater has been designed to meet the IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at standards.

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