PTZ controllers are used to control PTZ cameras, designed ergonomically to enable comfortable use of the cameras pan tilt and zoom functions. The 4d joystick is the star of the show, with twist to zoom functions making it easy to operate the cameras with just one hand. Infinitely improving on the NVR’s mouse. This allows you to track objects and make sure you track capture the right spot every time. Set up doesn’t require an internet connection and everything can be configured on the keyboards built in screen. This uniview PTZ controller also comes with functionality for running macros (pre recorded movements) as well as enabling audio control. It’s optimised for use with UNV IP PTZ cameras, but should work with other systems, without any issues.

Compatible with UNV IP PTZ cameras
Compatible with UNV NVRs
Set/trigger presets
PTZ control
IP & RS485 compatibility




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