VueNet Transmission PoE Over COAX Extender


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Product Information

VueNet's PoE over Coax Extender allows you to transfer Ethernet signal up to 300m using existing Coaxial cable without having to re-cable your installation site. This is the perfect product for those looking to update an old Analogue CCTV system with a new IP CCTV system. VueNet's PoE over Coax Extender can easily transfer Ethernet signal and power using Ethernet or Coaxial cable. Consisting of 2 units, the SV (NVR/Switch side) and the IPC (IP Camera side) & this is all you will need to convert an existing HD/Analogue CCTV system into an IP CCTV system without having to re-cable the site.

 Transfer 60Mbps bi-direction Ethernet via Coax
 Power Signal up to 400m Using 10Mbps Setting
 Low Network Latency - >20us
 Supports Networking Standards
 Plug & Play - No Software Needed
✓ Easy Installation Possibilities