What Are IP Ratings For CCTV Cameras?

IP Ratings refer to how much protection an electrical product, in this case a CCTV Camera is given from the elements by it's housing. This applies to dust and water protection.

The first number in the rating, refers to it's protection against dust and grit, the second number refers to it's protection from water.

IP Ratings Explained

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating is something that is given to various electrical items (in this case CCTV products) made up of the abbreviation IP & a two digit code, which indicates the amount of protection the enclosure/housing provides the product. Basically, in layman's terms, it tells you how weatherproof a product really is.

The first digit represents protection against penetration by solid objects accessing internal parts, the second digit describes the enclosure/housing's protection against the ingress of water.

All of our CCTV camera's have a minimum rating of IP66 and go up to IP67. So, what do the numbers really mean? Let's take IP66 first, the IP means Ingress Protection, that much you know now. The first digit after IP shows what the Mechanical Protection is. IP6 means that the product is totally protected against dust. The second digit shows us what the Water Ingress Protection is. IP66 means that the product is protected against low pressure water jets from all directions.

Camera's with the rating of IP67 is pretty much as above in terms of it is totally protected against dust that could potentially harm the internal equipment. IP67 means that the product is protected against the effects of immersion in water to a depth between 15cm & 1 metre.

To sum it up, any of our cameras with an IP rating of IP66 or IP67 are totally weatherproof, and are suitable for external installations without coming to any harm from the weather because lets face it. British weather isn't the driest!

Is An IP67 CCTV Camera Right For Me?

IP67 is considered the gold standard, so in 99% of cases it's going to be a great fit for outdoor installs. And with IP67 being capable of full submursion for 30 minutes, unless you want a camera inside a pool, this is probably going to have you covered.


IP67 CCTV Cameras

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

• Prevents a lot of wear and tear on your cctv system

• Weatherproof

• Can be installed in most locations


• Slightly more expensive

• Overpriced for indoor use


IP67 Rated CCTV Cameras are essential for a substantial amount of installs. Most outdoor installs require at least IP66 CCTV cameras, and IP 67 Cameras are going to last that bit longer and guarantee that you're not going to have any weather issues in the UK.