The Ajax ReX is an Intelligent Radio Signal Range Extender that acts as a reliable link between the Hub or Hub Plus & connected Ajax devices. ReX integrates the devices into an autonomous group within the system. The extender can take full control of the situation if the connection with the hub is interrupted for some reason. If one of its detectors sends an alarm signal, ReX may activate the siren to attract attention without having to be manually triggered. The ReX is always in sync with the Hub, reacts immediately to threats and has new features with every free system update. It can function up to 35 hours after power outage, and all data is encrypted.

Hub = 1 ReX
Hub Plus, Hub 2 & Hub 2 Plus = 5 ReXs
Transmits Alarms in 0.3s
Up to 35 Hour Battery Backup
Available in Black & White


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