Best wireless alarm systems in the UK

Securing your home is easy with a wireless alarm system. In the past, getting a home security setup meant calling a professional fitter to install the system. Today, you can easily do the job yourself using wireless, smart devices. No more wires means no more hassle. These simple solutions to home security are great for anyone who wants to secure their home without becoming a security expert.

The best wireless alarm systems connect directly to your wifi and can be easily linked to your mobile device. With wireless alarm systems you can go on holiday or to work knowing that if anything happens at home you’ll know about it immediately. What’s more, the best alarms will include deterrents such as warning lights, loud sounds, and even prerecorded messages warning intruders that they have been detected. 

We’re going to look at the very best wireless alarm systems out there and, just to make sure you don’t get fooled, we’ll tell you about the worst ones too.

When looking for the best wireless alarm brand in the UK the most important thing will be checking the grading system. Currently wireless alarms can only have a maximum of a grade 2 rating. This is largely due to legislation not keeping up with technology and it's only a matter of time till there are ways for it to gain grade 3 status. That said the best wireless alarms, do tend to have grade 2 ratings.

Ajax - Best Wireless Alarm Overall (CCTVdirect sell)

  • Automatic integration with most CCTV camera brands
    • Including UNV, Hikvision, and Dahua
  • Top models: Motion Cam and Motion Cam Outdoor
  • Straight-forward setup and easy to use
  • Beautiful design

With a sleek design, sophisticated smart features, reliable hardware, and easy installation, Ajax wireless alarm systems are our top pick.

Setting up your Ajax alarm system requires a mobile app, which you pair with your Ajax alarm components by scanning a QR code located on the back of each detector.

Ajax offers a range of security devices including motion detectors, door contact detectors, and internal and external sirens.

Our favourite model is the MotionCam, of which there is an indoor and an outdoor version. At first glance, MotionCam looks like any other motion detector, but on closer inspection, you can see it is also equipped with a small, discreet camera.

When the motion detector picks up movement, the camera is activated, instantly snapping pictures of the intruder. These pictures will be sent to you immediately, giving you the chance to determine whether the alarm is real or false before responding. The camera is able to distinguish between humans and animals, so you won’t be getting false alarms triggered by your pets. They also have great commercial functionality with 100s of passes and tag fobs being able to be used across and individually set for multiple sites.

Because the MotionCam detectors only start snapping pictures when the alarm is triggered, you won’t have to live under constant CCTV surveillance inside your own home. Unlike other brands, that require batteries to be changed every few months, MotionCams have an incredible three-year battery life.


Luminite - Best Wireless Alarm System For Commercial Use Or Large Areas

  • Long-distance motion detection
  • Compatible with multiple NRVs

Next up we have Luminite alarm systems, our top pick for securing large areas, such as a driveway or parking area.

Luminite Genesis 1 motion detectors boast a superb range of detection— up to 60m. When it comes to range, Luminite wins hands down compared with the MotionCam from Ajax, which has a range of just 12m. While the Ajax MotionCam, with its sleek design and sophisticated features, is great for home use, Luminite is ideal for surveilling larger areas.

The Luminite Genesis 2 low-range motion detector is also worthy of note. It is a top-of-the-range wireless Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) detector featuring a two-year battery life, one-kilometre wireless range, sophisticated signal processing, and variable detection angles.

Additionally, Luminite motion detectors are compatible with most NVRs and are easy to integrate into an existing system.

Texecom - Best Low Budget Wireless Alarm

  • Reliable motion detection alarm systems

Texecom makes quality wireless alarm systems that are reliable but lack the top-end technological features offered by other brands.

Their PIR motion detectors have a subtle, white design, and can detect motion up to 15m. Using Texecom’s PetWise mode you can avoid false alarms caused by animals triggering the sensor. It doesn't work all that well though, we've seen it set off by birds, and even rats in one case. Most commonly it's set off by larger animals though, so it isn't a functional wireless alarm for farms, because cows and horses will set it off. This should be a domestic only option.

Texecom also provides door contact sensors that are small enough to conceal, offering discreet security, undetectable to intruders.

In short, Texecom wireless alarm systems are a simple, straightforward approach to home security.

Pyronix - Best Wireless Alarm For HikVision Customers

  • Works with Hikvision

If you already have a CCTV camera setup using Hikvision products, then a Pyronix wireless alarm system might be worth considering because they work well with Hikvision products.

Connecting the Pyronix control panel to a Hikvision NRV is easy, giving you control of your security system all in one place. Cameras, motion detectors, and alarms can all be managed centrally and be connected to your mobile device.

However, due to the technological simplicity of Pyronix wireless alarm systems, if you don’t use Hikvision cameras then we recommend choosing Ajax instead. The Pyronix PIR detectors are sufficient but offer none of the advantages of Ajax’s MotionCam.

The Worst Wireless Alarm Systems

Now that we have considered some of the best wireless alarm systems, let’s take a look at two of the worst. These are systems we think you should avoid at all costs. Our main concern is their inability to do the very thing they are designed for: keep you safe.

Yale Wireless Alarms

 - Poor Cybersecurity and Bad Service

A review of wireless alarm systems by consumer magazine Which? reported a serious security flaw in Yale’s cybersecurity. There are also been service failures in the past that resulted in customers being unable to switch alarms on or off. Given this, it is unsurprising that multiple customers complain of poor service, confusing installation instructions, and compatibility issues in online reviews. 

What’s more, for the premium price Yale charges, you can get a much more sophisticated, easy-to-use alarm system from Luminite or Ajax.

Ring Products

- Terrible Cybersecurity

In 2020 a lawsuit was filed against Ring for leaving its cameras vulnerable to attacks from hackers who proceeded to blackmail, insult, and send death threats to their victims.

According to The Guardian, 30 people took part in the court case. The newspaper reported the story of one of the plaintiffs: he had been watching TV when a voice from his Ring home security camera asked him what he was watching.

Ring denies they were hacked, suggesting that login information must have fallen into the wrong hands through an attack on non-Ring services. This explanation offers little in the way of reassurance. Instead, it leads to more questions. Such as, why are Ring login credentials being stored on untrustworthy third-party services?

Choosing the Right Wireless Alarm System For You

Having reviewed the best (and worst) wireless alarm systems available, we hope you are now able to pick the one that is right for you.

Our top pick is Ajax. We love its technologically advanced features, particularly the MotionCam that collects pictures as well as detecting motion, and its sleek, modern design. Easy to install and easy to use, you simply can’t go wrong with an Ajax wireless alarm setup.

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