What Is The Best CCTV Camera Brand In The UK In 2022?

If you want to secure your home or business in 2022 then one thing you’ll need for certain is a high-quality CCTV system that can keep your property under surveillance 24/7.

An effective CCTV system acts as a powerful deterrent against intrusion and theft and can lead to wrongdoers being identified and apprehended.

Modern CCTV camera features allow you to track the number of people entering and leaving a property, record licence plates, and more, giving you full control of the premises.

What’s more, for business owners, a CCTV system can protect your workers from workplace abuse and mistreatment by colleagues and help to settle workplace disputes.

Since there are so many CCTV camera brands to choose from, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a list of the best CCTV camera brands for sale in the UK in 2022.

We’ve tested each of the cameras and had our experts rank them based on the features, price, performance, cybersecurity standards, and even regulatory issues that might concern you as a potential buyer.

Best Overall - UNV

Our top choice of CCTV camera brand in 2022 is Uniview (UNV). UNV cameras are undoubtedly some of the best on the market right now. They offer a wide range of CCTV camera models based on the usual bullet, turret, and vandal dome types, along with top-of-the-range recording hardware.

Each UNV CCTV camera comes with a high-quality lens that offers crystal-clear footage both day and night. What’s more, UNV cameras are jam-packed with high-tech smart features that add a layer of sophistication to your security system that is unavailable when using other cameras. These features include face and body detection, line crossing detection, and infrared see-in-the-dark technology.

UNV’s night-vision capabilities are of particular note. Combining Smart IR, infrared see-in-the-dark technology, with UNV’s ColourHunter technology, you’ll be amazed by the quality and detail of the night vision images these cameras produce. These cameras can turn night into day.

In addition to the high-calibre technology inside, UNV CCTV cameras are also easy to install, affordable, and enclosed in a weather-resistant casing.

UNV Products in Focus

UNV ColourHunter - The ColourHunter model is available in two camera types, the ColourHunter bullet and the ColourHunter turret, with 4MP or 5MP lens options.

The ColourHunter uses specialised technology developed by UNV to provide clear, colour images at night and in dark rooms. With this camera, you will be able to see everything that goes on, in colour, both day and night.

ColourHunter Bullet Features

  • 4MM Fixed Lens
  • 5MP Ultra High Definition Image
  • ColorHunter 30M White Light Technology
  • UNV AI - Human and Vehicle Detection and Filtering
  • Ultra H.265 (U-Code) Compression
  • ONVIF Compatible

UNV Triguard 

The UNV Triguard is your guardian by night. This camera is so sophisticated it can detect and respond to intruders all by itself. It combines Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) technology with ColourHunter and Active Deterrence.

ColourHunter gives you clear, in-colour images at night, while Active Deterrence tech will deter intruders by initiating a strobe light and player prerecorded messages that fit the particular situation.

Finally, the SIP technology filters out false alarms, ensuring you are only notified about relevant movements, such as human and vehicle activity. Irrelevant motion, such as falling leaves and animals, will be ignored.

UNV Triguard Features

  • Crystal Clear Images at 5mp & 30fps
  • Supports triggered pre-recorded sound and light (recordings are customisable) to deter intruders
  • Built-in Two Way Audio
  • Smart IR 30m + White Light
  • IP67 protection
  • Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • 120dB true WDR technology, perfect clarity in bright light
  • Supports 9:16 Corridor Mode
  • Supports a 256GB SD Card (for additional backup - should it be required)


Best Consumer Option – VueNet

If you’re only looking to secure your home you might not require all the bells and whistles that come with a top-quality UNV camera, such as licence plate recognition. If that’s the case, we recommend a VueNet instead.

Take the VueNet Starlight range, for example. These cameras come with Smart Infrared technology that allows you to see more at night, featuring a certified weatherproof casing, and are easy to install and use. With up to 5MP lenses you can be certain you’ll see everything that is happening in your home.

VueNet offers both turret and bullet cameras, which are ideal for securing your home inside and out.

VueNet Products in Focus

High-End VueNet CCTV Kits

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward solution to home security or want to secure small business premises, you can’t do much better than purchasing one of VueNet’s high-end CCTV kits.

The kits include between one and five cameras, a network video recorder, all the cables you’ll need, a hard drive for storing the footage, and a CCTV warning sign.

The cameras are capable of capturing colour images in low light settings, have built-in microphones to enable you to hear as well as see, and have advanced motion detection abilities.

And of course, you can monitor your surveillance system from the comfort and convenience of your mobile phone.

Features of a Five Camera VueNet Kit

  • 5 x 5MP Turret Cameras
  • Colour image in ultra-low light
  • Built-in Microphone – Hear & See
  • 1 x 8ch 4K Network Video Recorder
  • 1 x 1TB Hard Drive
  • 1 x CCTV Warning Sign
  • 5 x 20m pre-made cables
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Weatherproof - cameras can be placed inside or outside

Budget VueNet EZ Cam

For a simple yet powerful budget option, the VueNet EasyCam is the perfect solution. This small, Wifi camera can last up to six months on its battery, is extremely easy to install and use, and offers some impressive technological features, considering its size and price.

The VueNet EZ Cam features include human body detection, low light colour filming, and two-way audio.

This camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to monitor their driveway or home entrance. The camera can be easily linked to your mobile device, giving you round-the-clock home surveillance.

Best Premium – Hanwha Techwin (Samsung)

Previously owned by Samsung, Techwin is a producer of premium quality CCTV cameras, video recorders, and AI surveillance technology. Samsung sold off its stake in the company to Korean conglomerate Hanwha in 2014. https://ipvm.com/reports/samsung-surveillance-sold-off

Techwin makes all sorts of CCTV cameras, including the usual bullet, dome, and vandal types, along with doorbell cameras, box cameras, explosion-proof cameras, fisheye cameras, temperature detection thermal cameras, panoramic and multidirectional cameras, remote head cameras, you get the idea.

Their Smart technology is varied and powerful. Techwin's traffic cameras are  not only able to detect licence plates, but also vehicle type, brand, model, and colour. They can, of course, also distinguish between humans, animals, cyclists, and motor vehicles.

Techwin’s occupancy monitoring software pulls data from as many as eight cameras to determine the number of people in a building. This software has helped businesses to ensure the safety of their customers and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic by ensuring a space’s capacity is not overstepped.

Businesses exposed to higher threat risks can benefit from Techwin's stainless steel camera housing, which protects the camera from intentional damage and the risk of occupational damage from high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

While owned by Samsung, Techwin produced a range of consumer products. However, these appear to have been discontinued and Techwin is focused on high-end premium products for businesses.

With so many cameras to choose from you’ll be sure to find what you need with Techwin, and if you are looking for high-tech solutions and to deploy a range of different camera types, Techwin is a good option to consider.

Techwin Products in Focus

Samsung MP3 Network IR Bullet Camera

The Samsung MP3 Network IR Bullet Camera from Hanwha Techwin combines high-definition footage with low bandwidth usage by utilising the latest video compression format. This bullet camera can survey a large area in detail without causing bandwidth issues.

Samsung MP3 Network IR Bullet Camera Features

  • 3MP ultra-high resolution
  • 9-9.4mm motorised lens
  • Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB), simple focus, P-iris
  • 264, H.265 & MJPEG dual codec, Multiple streaming
  • Tampering & audio detection
  • Hallway view support (rotate 90°/270°)
  • LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction)
  • IP66 & IK10 rated
  • Bi-directional audio support

Best Budget Commercial – Swann

Swann prides itself on “providing the best HD security cameras in the industry at affordable prices”. While you won’t find the high-tech solutions offered by UNV or Techwin, we can recommend Swann for any budget installation jobs.

Offering a range of turret and bullet CCTV cameras, including floodlight cameras, thermal sensing cameras, cameras with sirens, cameras with spotlights, and imitation security cameras, Swann has everything you need for a low threat level installation.

The cameras are of reasonable quality, featuring high-definition footage, built-in speakers, weatherproof casing, and motion detection sensors.

Swann’s cybersecurity has been proven to be lacking, however. In 2018 a serious vulnerability was discovered that allowed attackers to access the video and audio of any Swann camera.

Researchers from the BBC discovered that a targeted attack on a specific Swann security system might take three days, but access to random cameras could be acquired much more quickly. Swann did work with the researchers to solve the problem, but the simplicity of the flaw does suggest deeper issues with Swann’s approach to cybersecurity.    https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2018/07/26/swann-security-cameras-spying/

Therefore, Swann is an affordable option for businesses on a budget, but with some serious downsides to consider.

Swann Product in Focus

4K Master-Series Enforcer Dome Camera

The Enforcer comes with Day2Night technology that allows you to see colour footage at night, a built-in microphone to record audio, and a red and blue flashing light that can be triggered automatically or remotely.

The Enforcer can be added to any Swann security network and security footage can be accessed via a mobile device.

  • Crystal Clear 4K Images (20 frames per second)
  • Day2Night Night Vision Technology
  • 40m Night Vision Distance
  • One Way Audio
  • Thermal and Motion Detection
  • IP66 Weatherproof Protection

Market Leader – Hikvision

With a global market share of 38%, Hikvision is the world’s leading manufacturer of CCTV cameras and equipment.

As you would expect from the market leader, Hikvision offer an extensive range of CCTV cameras. All the usual camera model types are available, including bullet, dome, turret, and cube. They also offer solar-powered cameras, wifi cameras, and an entire model range of speciality cameras that includes covert cameras and duel-lens cameras.

Hikvision cameras feature a range of high-tech tools, including people counting, vehicle and person detection, night vision in colour, and strobe and audio alarms.

But, and this is a big one, the Chinese state owns a majority share of the company, which has led to a series of security allegations being made against Hikvision. The primary concerns are Hikvision’s involvement in the repression of the Uyghur people in northwest China and the alleged existence of backdoor access to their cameras, which might allow the Chinese military to see what you see.

These concerns have led to Hikvision being banned in the United States and there is growing pressure to ban the company in the UK and the EU as well. If you’re considering buying Hikvision then you’ll definitely want to consider the possibility that the brand will be banned in the near future.

What’s more, Hikvision suffered a massive search breach last year. It was demonstrated that any Hikvision camera could be accessed remotely. As with Swann, Hikvision were quick to resolve the problem, but the incident proves that Hikvision’s cybersecurity is not up to scratch. https://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2021/09/cisa-warns-vulnerabilities-banned-chinese-surveillance-tech/185689/

Hikvision Products in Focus

4MP Outdoor WDR Fixed Dome Network Camera

The 4MP WDR dome from Hikvision is a solid, technologically advanced camera that can withstand adverse weather conditions as well as vandalism.

Fitted with Smart tech, including line-crossing detection, intrusion detection and face detection capabilities, this dome from Hikvision is a great all-round CCTV camera.

4MP Outdoor WDR Fixed Dome Network Camera Features

  • High-definition 4 MP resolution
  • 265+ compression
  • Clear images against back light due to 120 dB true WDR technology
  • Audio and alarm fitted
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal-proof (IK10)
  • Robust structure design with full metal materials
  • Video tampering and motion detection alarms

Best Hybrid (TVI) Brand - Tpro

If you need to enhance your analogue CCTV system with some of the modern Smart tech features available to IP cameras, then look no further than Tpro. Tpro makes hybrid, TVI, analogue cameras that can send a variety of data, including audio and visual, over coaxial cable in high definition.

Tpro cameras will turn your old, “outdated” analogue system, into a high-tech security installation without having to replace a single cable. With the introduction of HD-TVI cameras, analogue systems can now compete with IP surveillance systems in the area of image definition.

Additionally, high-tech features previously only available to IP cameras are now increasingly possible with HD-TVI cameras. These features include low-light technology and incredible night vision capabilities.

Furthermore, the HD-TVI cameras created by Tpro are sturdy, easy to install, discreet, and compatible with almost every analogue system.

Tpro Product in Focus

Twilight Pro TruColour

The TruColour camera by Tpro is a superb example of the kind of high-tech solutions now available with analogue cameras. The TruColour by Tpro uses white light LEDs to produce colour images at night at a resolution of 5MP.

The TruColour turret makes black and white surveillance footage a thing of the past. Add this camera to your network and you’ll see in colour 24-hours-a-day. 

Twilight Pro TruColour Features

  • 5MP Ultra HD Image
  • TVI Turbo HD (Switchable to CVI/AHD Formats)
  • White Light Guarantees 24/7 Colour Images
  • 6mm Lens


Best Regulation Proof - Axis (Swedish made)

Axis offers full-spectrum security solutions, everything from access control systems, to intercoms, analytics, and a wide range of IP CCTV cameras.

Their CCTV camera inventory includes bullet, turret, and dome cameras, along with pan, tilt, zoom cameras, box cameras, and explosion-protected cameras.

Axis cameras can capture high-definition footage in complete darkness and in the presence of very bright lights. The cameras feature a range of Smart technologies, such as intrusion detection, loiterer detection, motion detection, licence plate verification, and perimeter protection.

The range of cameras they offer, and the capabilities they can provide, make Axis a great commercial solution.

That said, in terms of technologies, features, and abilities, Axis cameras are not better than other brands on this list and do come with a higher price tag attached. But since Axis is a Swedish company, though owned entirely by Canon Inc., you can be sure of avoiding the regulatory risks associated with the likes of Hikvision.

Axis Product in Focus

AXIS P1448-LE Network Camera

The AXIS P1448-LE is a powerful 4K bullet camera with all the usual Smart features we’ve come to expect from a top-of-the-range IP CCTV camera. This camera can verify license plates, detect intruders, and record high-definition footage in darkness and in bright light.

  • 4K at 25/30 Frames Per Second
  • Optimised IR
  • Wide Dynamic Range and Lightfinder
  • I/O Ports and Audio Support

Honourable mentions

A few more CCTV camera brands deceiver an honourable mention, despite not being included on our list of Best CCTV Brands. Those brands are Honeywell, Dahua, Reolink, and Arlo. Here’s why they get a mention:

Honeywell - First, Honeywell is an American company, which means you can be sure they won’t be banned from the market. What’s more, they produce quality cameras at an affordable price. If you’re looking to secure your home, then you could do much worse than to installing a Honeywell CCTV camera system.

Dahua – After Hikvision, Dahua are the second-largest CCTV camera manufacturer in the world. Like Hikvision, Dahua is a Chinese company. Dahua produces an extensive range of quality CCTV cameras that have been used by businesses and governments all over the world. This testifies to their quality.

However, as with Hikvision, Dahua has come under fire for its links with the Chinese government and the Chinese military. The company is also banned from the United States. As with Hikvision, the risk that Dahua is banned in other locations is something to consider before investing in one of their CCTV systems. 

Reolink - Reolink offers some excellent mobile security solutions. They are one of the leading brands for solar-powered and battery-powered CCTV cameras that operate over wifi. They also offer a number of IP cameras with some Smart features, many of which can be integrated with Google Assistant.

Arlo - Like Reolink, Arlo focuses on wireless security systems. They have interesting products for homeowners, but businesses should steer clear of these consumer cameras.

How to Choose the Right Camera Brand for You

When choosing the best CCTV camera brand for you, you’ll first want to consider the environment your cameras will need to perform in, including the size of the space, the weather conditions and the possibility of vandalism. For example, for a very large space a bullet camera with a long-range lens is suitable, while a vandal dome is better for a nightclub or retail environment.

Next you’ll need to consider whether you need any Smart features. Do you need facial recognition capabilities, or the ability to verify numberplate of employe vehicles? If so, choose an IP camera with the relevant Smart features.

While it might appear that the options are endless, if you stick with a top brand like Uniview you can’t go far wrong and can be certain that whatever you install will be a top range CCTV surveillance system that will protect your property from intrusion day and night.


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