Why do you need a CCTV tester tool?

 If you are undertaking a commercial CCTV installation or maintenance job, having a CCTV tester tool is will ensure the job is done quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


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Benefits of a CCTV Tester Tool

Network tester tools are a technician’s best friend. These handy devices help technicians to troubleshoot problems that arise during the setup and maintenance of CCTV systems in record time. What’s more, they make carrying out checks, changes, and updates simple, quick, and painless.


Many Tools in One

 Compiling a host of useful features, a CCTV tester tool reduces the number of tools a technician requires for a job. Rather than bringing a laptop, external batteries, monitors, multimeter, and more, a technician can rely on a handheld CCTV tester tool to undertake many essential tasks.


Straightforward CCTV Troubleshooting

 With a CCTV tester tool, all the troubleshooting and tests that must be documented on a job can be carried out using a good CCTV tester. With a tester tool on hand, a technician can complete troubleshooting tasks without opening their laptop.


Make Adjustments Fast

What’s more, when problems arise a CCTV tester tool can locate them quickly and, often, will be the only tool you’ll need to resolve them. If you have a professional tester, you should be able to use the tool to modify IP addresses, change passwords, and ensure cameras are functioning as they should.


Suitable for Any CCTV Installation

While some testers are made only for IP or analogue cameras, many CCTV tester tools work with IP network cameras and analogue, coax cameras. Even with an analogue camera system, tester tools can identify the frame rate, resolution, and signal type of the cameras on the network.


Introducing the VueNet TSX CCTV Tester Tool

Here at CCTVdirect, we stock the VueNet Tool TSX All-In-One CCTV Tester. It’s a professional CCTV tester tool that has everything a technician will need to conduct tests and complete a CCTV installation with ease.


Works with the Best CCTV Cameras 

The VueNet CCTV tester tool has been developed for use on 8MP TVI, 8MP CVI, 8MP AHD and Analogue CCTV cameras. Since it supports 4K video, you will find it compatible with the very best CCTV cameras currently available. Using the high-resolution screen of this professional CCTV tester, a technician can alter camera angles with one hand while checking the view on the tester.


Multiple Inputs

With an analogue HD coax input, HDMI, and PoE ethernet port, you can connect the tester to pretty much any type of camera. The analogue HD coax input has an autodetect function that will inform you about the type of camera you have connected automatically, resolving any ambiguity or uncertainty you might have.


Long Battery Life

With a five-hour battery life, the TSX CCTV tester tool is suitable for professional jobs, ensuring you have enough charge to get the work done. What’s more, the TSX has a 12V 1Amp power output, making it capable of giving power to cameras, allowing you to power a local camera to check its condition with nothing more than the tester tool in your hand.


Multi-Vendor Apps Installed

The TSX comes with multi-vendor apps installed, meaning it is ready to work with a variety of popular network camera brands, including Hikvision and Uniview. You can use the CCTV tester tool to alter the IP settings, passwords, and access other features of these cameras, allowing you to update and change things on the spot. 


Complete Control

Using the tester you can control PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, altering the position of the cameras directly on the device. You can also record, capture stills, and playback footage captured from any camera on your network or that you have connected directly to the device, saving footage and stills to the memory card.


Network Video Recorder Compatible

With the HDMI and VGA ports, you can connect your network video recorder to the tester tool and use it as a portable monitor. In this mode, you will be able to change network settings, view camera analytics, backup data, and more.


Cable Testing Capabilities

The VueNet TSX CCTV tester tool also comes with a cable tester, that can be plugged into the tester tool when you want to check your cables are working. It also informs you of the bandwidth of the cable that is attached. This is a great time-saving feature that prevents technicians from having to run around switching cables back and forth to check if they are functioning.


Practical and Convenient

The TSX is small, lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand, and can be worn around your neck while working. It comes with a strap included in the box and all the cables you’ll need.


TSX CCTV Tester Tool Specs

 5 Inch Touch Screen, 1920 x 1080 Resolution

  • 265/H.264
  • 4K IP & Analogue Camera Test, PTZ Control
  • 8MP TVI, 8MP CVI, 8MP AHD and Analogue Test
  • DC 12V 3A, 48V PoE Power Output
  • UTP Cable Test
  • Up to 5 Hour Use Battery Life
  • 4K 30FPS HDMI Input and 1080p VGA Input
  • Perfect CCTV Tester for any installation


CCTV Tester Tools

While there are other CCTV tester tools available, none are as professional as the VueNet TSX. It is built by industry-leading CCTV experts for use by technicians and engineers.

As a technician, once you’ve tried the VueNet TSX you’ll not want to do another job without it. Packed full of useful features and sophisticated technology, the TSX will save time, prevent headaches, and ensure the CCTV systems you work on are functioning as they should.

With a professional CCTV tester tool, installation and maintenance of even the most expansive CCTV security system will be manageable and straightforward. Many of the usual headaches will be avoided.

Simple yet time-consuming tasks, such as checking cable functionality, will be completed in seconds, while troubleshooting and setup alterations can be done with just one device: your CCTV tester tool.


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