Geofencing with AJAX
Geofence is a reminder that notifies you to arm or disarm your security system. This is done through GPS and a user-defined boundary. 

After setting a boundary, the AJAX app will send a reminder to users to notify them to either arm the system or disarm the system. 

You will be notified to arm the system when your smartphone has left the geofence, alternatively you’ll be notified to disarm your system when your smartphone enters the geofence. This is a great feature which means you'll never forget to arm your system!
How do I enable Geofence?
To enable geofence through the AJAX app navigate through to
Devices > Hub > Settings > Geofence. 
On the GPS row, change to enabled. 

From here you’ll be able to set the location and perimeter distance this can be from 100m to 3000m. This is done through the slide bar on the bottom right of your screen. 
Make sure you always have geofence active through the following settings:
Settings > privacy > Location services > Ajax and then select the Always option.
On the location mode in GPS settings select the highest accuracy (High Accuracy)

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