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Hanwha Group is a South Korean conglomerate that is active in a number of industries including construction, finance, aerospace, mechatronics, green energy, and leisure.


In 2015, Hanwha Group added surveillance equipment to its broad portfolio by taking over Samsung Techwin and renaming the company Hanwha Techwin.


By purchasing Samsung Techwin, Hanwha gained control of an established CCTV operation. Samsung Techwin began producing cameras in 1979. But it wasn’t until 2008 that it became a major player in the CCTV industry and began selling CCTV cameras in Europe and North America.


In 2009, Samsung Electronics CCTV division merged with Samsung Techwin, combining their technological capacities. When the Hanwha Group took the company over, they acquired the highly sophisticated surveillance technologies and existing products the two branches had developed, including powerful day/night cameras, and robust foundational technologies.


Since the acquisition, Hanwha Techwin has continued to push research and innovation, leading to the recent development of a range of cutting-edge AI cameras, called the WiseNet X camera series. If you’re looking to secure your business premises, these cameras could provide the security you’re looking for.


Hanwha Techwin WiseNet X Series CCTV Cameras


The WiseNet X is the latest edition of Hanwha Techwin’s WiseNet CCTV camera series. For many years WiseNet III was Techwin’s main camera range and while it underwent many upgrades the system as a whole was in need of a reboot.


Enter WiseNet X.


WiseNet X combines heaps of incredible, AI-driven features supported by a powerful processing engine and innovative, resilient hardware.


The WiseNet X range includes a number of camera models, including dome, bullet, and PTZ, and you can choose between 2MP and 5MP versions of each. The WiseNet X range also features a few cameras with 6MP resolution, such as the XNO-C8083R 6MP bullet AI camera.  


The X series of the WiseNet range now comes with H.265 compression, which can be combined with the WiseStream II to save up to 75% in bandwidth and storage when compared to H.264 compression. This is a big step up compared with the previous WiseNet series.


The entire X range is equipped with 150dB wide dynamic range, image stabilisation technology, and lowlight compensation. The end result is crystal clear images in almost any condition. Additionally, there are IR-equipped and day/night models available for ultra-lowlight conditions.


All the analytics software that accompanies the WiseNet X range is license-free. This means you’ll be able to use it without additional costs for upgrades. The software includes some powerful and unique functions, such as the ability to distinguish specific sounds that indicate a security risk. These sounds include gunshots, screams, explosions, and breaking glass. The software can be configured to trigger an alarm when any of these sounds are identified.


In addition, Techwin’s open-platform software allows for the integration of third-party applications to improve and increase functionality. There is a wide range of extras that can be integrated should they be required for a particular security situation.


WiseNet X AI Explained


The WiseNet X series is equipped with Hanwha Techwin’s edge-based AI analytics. This technology allows the camera to distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other moving, and stationary, objects. In addition, its powerful processing capabilities mean it can improve on image quality, reduce bandwidth and storage requirements, and turn cameras into active and responsive guards.


Techwin’s edge-based AI is that the technology is situated in the camera itself. It is at the “edge” of the CCTV system. This means the processing occurs in the camera itself rather than the data being sent back to the DVR first. This saves an enormous about of bandwidth.


The precision of this technology provides many advantages. Not least in the reduction of false alarms that were common in older Smart functions older models of IP cameras are equipped with. And this goes for almost all the manufacturers, not just Techwin.


WiseNet AI takes detection to the next level. The entire X series is able to distinguish and classify people, vehicles, faces, and license plates. Objects identified are immediately stored using the BestShot feature. This captures an image of the object and stores metadata to make it possible to find and identify the object later on.


Using this feature, it is possible to search for all the people with brown hair that were identified during a given time period. Or, all the yellow cars that were parked outside last night, for example. Data such as whether or not a person carried a bag, or if they wore glasses, and an estimation of their age can all be recorded and stored automatically.


Hanwha Techwin’s powerful AI technology allows the vast amount of footage collected by a CCTV installation to be quickly and effectively processed rendering it searchable. This technology enhances the alertness of a security operation, turning cameras into active watchers, capable of identifying and reporting on threats in real-time.


What’s more, AI camera technology improves bandwidth usage and lowers storage requirements while enhancing overall image quality. One way it does this is by compressing parts of the image that are less important, such as the background, while continuing to process important parts, like faces and licence plates, at full capacity.


These technologies are not exclusive to Techwin CCTV cameras, however. Uniview also offers deep learning AI cameras capable of the same feats at a similar degree of functionality.


WiseNet X CCTV Cameras in Detail


Having taken an overview of Hanwha Techwin’s innovative WiseNet X cameras, let’s now take a look at some in detail, starting with the XNV-9083R outdoor vandal dome AI camera.


WiseNet XNV-9083R Vandal Dome


This camera features 4K resolution and a 2.1x varifocal lens. Using WiseIR it can make a distance of 50m viewable at night, as well as being equipped with day/night capability.


It is able to carry out a wide variety of Smart functions including object detection—including people, face, and vehicle detection—line crossing detection, enter/exit counting, and intrusion detection. Furthermore, the analytics is able to identify when a camera becomes defocused, when a camera has been tampered with, and when fog is obscuring the view.


This particular camera is also equipped with the aforementioned sound analytics software. This means it can detect noises that might indicate a security risk, such as screaming and gunshots.


The camera can store up to 1TB divided into two micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slots. It is fitted with 4GB of RAM and 512MB flash.


As with all the cameras in the WiseNet X range, this vandal dome can handle H.265 and H.264 compression and can make use of WiseStream III to improve compression efficiency


The camera is certified IP66, IP67 and IP6K9K. This means it is secure against dust, moisture, and pressure steam cleaning, making it suitable for outdoor use.


Overall, this vandal dome is a solid choice for any CCTV security system. It boasts robust hardware coupled with the cutting-edge WiseNet X technology.


WiseNet XNO-8020R Bullet


Another sophisticated WiseNet X CCTV camera is the XNO-8020R 5MP bullet camera.


It features the same Smart features as the vandal dome, as well as heat mapping and directional detection.


Its 3.7mm fixed lens offers great detail across a wide area and is capable of IR viewable distance of 30 metres.


The collection of advanced and retail analytics packed into the camera make it a reliable addition to any CCTV set-up.


Additional WiseNet X Benefits


Techwin’s WiseNet X range comes with a few additional perks. For one, it is easy to setup up thanks to the inclusion of a micro-USB port on each camera.


The port can be used to connect a wifi dongle that allows you to connect to the camera with your smartphone or tablet. This is great for installation as you can view the footage and make the necessary adjustments on the spot.


Hanwha Techwin WiseNet X CCTV Cameras Conclusion


The Hanwha Techwin WiseNet X camera series offers great solutions for commercial surveillance systems. The range of cameras available—there are 27 different types—means there is a WiseNet X camera for every situation, ensuring your premises are protected at all times. 


The high-end Smart features offered by the powerful AI integration mean  you are buying more than just a CCTV camera, you’re getting an active, always-alert security system that is able to provide real-time warnings about security threats.


And thanks to the powerful compression and camera-side data processing of these AI cameras, your CCTV system will be efficient and effective.

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