How to Clean CCTV Cameras
In the majority of video quality reduction cases it is a dirty camera lens that is the culprit. Cleaning your cameras is vital in maintaining the image & video output clarity. A monthly clean-up is more than enough to keep the CCTV camera delivering high-quality output.

It's a fairly easy task to carry out, but if precautions are not taken, you can easily mess up the process. Don't worry though, you won't go wrong if you follow these steps for cleaning your lens.
What you will need:

- A clean microfibre cloth
- Can of compressed air (optional)
- Lens cleaner solution (optional)

How to clean your cameras:

- Switch off the CCTV camera unit to prevent any damage to the moving parts of the camera.
- If you have opted to use compressed air, use it to blow off the loose dirt & dust from the camera lens.
- Next, use the microfibre cloth with gentle pressure to wipe the lens clean.
- If you're using lens cleaner solution, wet the microfibre cloth & wipe the lens clean removing all smudges.

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