Why An Ajax System Makes A Great Shed Alarm
Shed security is always an issue in the UK. Over 22500 shed burglaries are reported every year, and a lot of insurers don’t cover these robberies. One of the most burgled parts of a property, especially when it comes to opportunistic thieves. And currently 17% of the UK has absolutely 0% protection on their sheds at the moment. And even those that are protected are usually only guarded by a flimsy padlock and often containing valuable tools, or in some cases, where they’re used as garden offices, valuable electronics.

So, let’s assume that you’ve got something in your shed worth protecting. And you’ve decided that you don’t just want a flimsy padlock. The next question is what sort of shed alarm system that you want.

Wireless V Wired

Let’s be honest this is going to be a pretty quick debate. It doesn’t take much to see that a wireless system is probably going to be ideal for most people when it comes to securing outbuildings. Nobody really wants to rip up their garden to run cables for garden shed security.  And even when we start to think about insurance nobody is likely to need Grade 3 coverage, unless you’re keeping a dozen rolex’s in your shed. In which case, why are you keeping a dozen rolex’s in your shed?

So, the next question becomes, what wireless alarm system is right for you?

If you already have a wireless system protecting your home then it’s likely that you’ll simply want to add peripherals if that’s possible as that is likely to be the simplest and most cost effective option. If you already have a wired system, that’s where things get a bit more complicated. As you’re going to have to invest more heavily to add protection to your outbuilding.

A wifi CCTV camera may be the best option in this case as it’s the simplest solution.

If you currently don’t have a system at all, then we’d recommend Ajax, not just because it looks good, and as wireless alarm systems go it is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. But, it also comes in rated at grade 2 (the highest rating given to wireless systems). The system has anti tamper technology, meaning it’s protected from signal jamming or vandalism and will go off should anyone attempt to stop it working.

What else should you consider when alarming a shed?

Well you probably want the alarm to be visible, it’s better to prevent the burglary than have the criminal run off after breaking the door. Ajax MotionCam outdoor would be a great option, as this functions to take photographs as well as a motion detector designed to set off your overall alarm system. The visual deterrent of the camera being one of the most off putting signals to a potential burglar.

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