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In today’s blog post, we’re going to be looking at the EZView mobile app. The app which is exclusive to Uniview, allows you to access CCTV through a phone as well as on a tablet. 

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of EZView:
Access your surveillance system from anywhere in the world – Anytime, Anywhere
The EZView app allows you to access a CCTV system even without WiFi. 

P2P cloud upgrades – straight from the app!
Unlike other mobile surveillance client apps, EZView supports P2P – save time and update remotely through the app!

Easy setup
Simply set up in a matter of seconds by scanning the QR code on your NVR. Or if you’ve not got a QR code to hand. You can manually add the IP info (Port, username, password etc.). 

Fully customisable 
Organise cameras into categories i.e. Site 1, Site 2. Personalise your view whether you want to view 1 or 16 cameras at the same time, you decide! 

Don’t miss any activity and set up push notifications. There are plenty of alarm triggers available, you can be alerted through motion detection, VCA, Alarm input, Video loss (if anyone has been tampering with your systems).

Control your cameras
You can even control your PTZ cameras right from the app. Simply pan, tilt & zoom as well as control the focus with the onscreen navigation control. 

Playback is easy
Simply select a camera you want to view along with the time and date you want to view. Viewing more than one camera at the same time is not a problem, simply select the plus symbols under the playback tab to choose your cameras.

There are just a few reasons to download the EZView app, click the following to download EZView now!
App Store
Google Play

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