Types of CCTV Cameras
According to a study by the College of Policing, CCTV reduces crime by about 21%.
Studies show that 16 crimes in 100 are prevented with CCTV installed. The results are even better where vehicle crime is concerned. Similar studies report that for every 100 vehicle crimes, 26 were prevented on average.
But what are the types of CCTV cameras? Read on to find out:
IP Camera
An IP camera is linked to a network, which allows it to share footage, live, online.
This means the camera's recordings can be retrieved wherever you may be in the world, allowing you to check in on your property, business, or belongings whenever you wish.
A compressed bandwidth allows this access, and the footage is backed up so can be rewatched.
These cameras are great as a low-maintenance option and can be accessed on any personal computing device such as a laptop or tablet.

Wireless Camera
As the name suggests, these cameras don't require wiring and so installation is simpler.
This kind of camera is ideal for buildings that require CCTV systems but need a 'cleaner' look. Listed buildings, for example, would benefit. They cause less damage and are more discreet.
The footage is similarly transmittable to anywhere in the world and the data is backed up.
C-Mount Camera
C-Mount CCTV systems allow the field of vision to be adapted, with detachable lenses that can be adjusted to capture a variety of distances, beyond 40 feet.
Unlike the more conspicuous types of CCTV cameras, they are more obvious. This isn't a bad feature though as intentional CCTV placement can deter criminals.
They are also known to be more armoured, so great for exteriors and cold or harsh weather conditions.
The distance feature makes them ideal to monitor long roads or driveways, or across a vast expanse of space.
Dome Camera
Often spotted in shops, these cameras are protected via a dome casing. The dome makes it near-impossible to deduce which direction the camera is positioned towards, underneath making them one of the best cctv cameras for deterring theives..
In this respect, these cameras are multi-functional, as they cover all angles.
They are also relatively small and unobtrusive and prove tricky to reach or disturb. They can be nicely mounted into a ceiling when installed.
Bullet Camera
The cylinder-shaped bullet camera is another CCTV system excellent for outdoor use. Weather and dust resistant, they are great for long-view use, and their inconspicuous design acts as a deterrent. 
Bullet cameras are often used in factories or farming.
High Definition (HD) Camera
HD equipment is the best for picture quality, offering the crispest, cleanest images available in the world of CCTV.
Resolution ranges from 720p up to 4K. This is great for precise capturing, where grainy images won't threaten your data.
This resolution quality can be provided in models such as bullet CCTV and dome CCTV, and have a zoom function for close-up recording.
Often found in banks, building societies, or casinos, the HD recordings allow excellent methods of criminal identification thanks to the outstanding picture quality.
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Camera
PoE cameras are powered with an Ethernet cord. This means the camera is hooked directly up to a network, providing access to that network via the plug-in.
Although not wireless, it still only requires one cable, making it a fairly simple and hassle-free type of CCTV kit.
The image quality of a PoE camera is always reliable due to ethernet supporting a higher bandwidth than a wireless device.
The resolution will be higher, and better for more precise capturing, with a voltage of 44-57 volts DC. This makes it reliable and high-quality but at a safe voltage.
Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ ) Camera
These cameras do as they suggest: offer pan, tilt, and zoom-in functions. This means they can be operated to get closer or change angle when watching a subject.
These are often the best option when you have a guard operating your CCTV kits. They can control the camera themselves, meaning it isn't left to do the work totally on its own.
Again, this is a great way to ID criminals, as the device effectively follows the desired subject.
These types of cameras are often used in larger shops and across multiple types of business environments. They'll often also be found in museums, where staff are on-site to monitor the premises.
Often they come with a motion detection feature too.
Day & Night Camera
Using extra sensitive imaging chips, day and night cameras are adaptable to the light they are used in. This means they can work effectively around the clock.
Because of the quality of the recording in a low-lit environment, they work at night, or during low-visibility weather conditions during the day, such as in cloudy, foggy, or rainy weather.
They are also adept at recording in direct sunshine, deterring glare, and avoiding interference from reflective objects and surfaces.
Night Vision Camera
Designed just for nighttime, infrared cameras work in zero levels of light. These are ideal for businesses or properties that require unparalleled monitoring after hours.
They can be used for daylight recording too, via infrared cut filters.
They are also great capturing in low-visibility, such as smoke, mist or dusty conditions. They record in colour during the day and black and white at night.
These are popular in the likes of banks, museums, farms or in the grounds of remote buildings.
A Variety of Types of CCTV Cameras
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