Face & Wrist Fever Scanning Solution
Following changes in government guidelines, it's vital that employees are kept safe when returning to work. Their safety is paramount and using the non-contact wrist temperature reader & facial recognition terminals can ensure that viruses are not spread. 

The high-end non-contact wrist temperature scanning terminal with facial recognition can be configured in a number of different ways, including a bespoke stand or wall-mounted. 

Easily installed in entrances, lobbies & foyers. Users simply place wrist 1-2.5cm away from the intelligent temperature reader for body temperature to be measured with an accuracy of 0.3C. Stopping viruses in its tracks.  

The integrated face recognition technology allows for 10,000 users to be programmed onto the software. This then allows users through certain doors and areas. With an accuracy of 99%, there are no false alarms and having the ability to detect users face in less than a second, there is no delay on occupants entering premises or granting/denying access to areas. 

Perfect for offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels & healthcare. 
Since its release, the face and wrist fever scanners have proven to be popular with units being sold nationwide at food manufacturing and national serviced office chains. 

For more information on pricing and availability contact Stuart, stuart@cctvdirect.co.uk 0113 233 7070 or click the link below to pre-order yours today!


Click below to see the solution in action

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