Corridor Mode - UNV Feature Series
Welcome to the first edition of the UNV feature blog series, in the series we’re going to cover features included across our range of Uniview IP cameras. In this first edition, we’re going to be covering corridor mode.

Corridor mode is a function which alters the field of view of a camera to suit narrow situations. 

The mode adjusts the image from the camera so that it shows a vertical image. This makes it great for settings such as hallways, tunnels, alleyways and modes of transport such as trains.
Using corridor mode means that you don’t miss a thing! In the image (above) you can see that corridor mode allows you to see the full hallway from the ceiling down to the door.
This is the difference between an intruder walking out of shot and seeing how they gained access to a property. 

Corridor mode is a fully integrated feature across the range of Uniview cameras, available here at CCTVdirect, you can view the range of cameras here 
Maximise your surveillance and use Uniview today!

Look out for the next post as part of the Uniview feature series coming soon.

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