Frames Per Second for CCTV Cameras
What does frame rate mean?
Frame rate refers to the number of individual frames that make up one second of recorded video. So, how many frames per second (FPS) do you need for your CCTV camera to capture the best footage possible?

Why does frame rate matter?
The greater the FPS, the smoother the video recording will be. For example, if your frame rate was 1 FPS and you were trying to capture footage of an individual running, you will only be able to capture one frame containing the individual as he/she would have cleared the field of vision (FOV) between frames.

For smooth video quality, the frame rate is usually 20 FPS or more. The UNV camera range starts at 20 FPS and goes up to 30 FPS, so when watching your security footage back, you'll never miss any action. 

Shutter Speed vs Frame Rate
Many people think frame rate is what causes motion blurring but in fact, it's shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the clearer the action shot. Be careful with slow shutter speeds though, not only can this cause motion blur, but it can also cause loss of frames.

Bandwidth vs Frame Rate
Frame rate selection has a huge impact on bandwidth (number of bits per second) consumption. Bitrate refers to how much data a video contains and can vary depending on the videos' resolution and the strength of the video compression. High bitrates are caused by high resolution videos (as they contain more information) and lightly compressed video files as these both improve the video quality. 

The technology we use, known as H.265, allows you to have high quality videos without increasing the bandwidth too much. This is because modern codecs use inter-frame compression. This is where a motion vector tells the codec that some parts of the moving frame remain the same (from one frame to the next), so instead of wasting pixels, they just move them from one frame to another. 

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